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Thank you so much for checking out my page devoted to the San Francisco Bay Area!  I am a Bay Area Wedding Photographer servicing the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding locations.  The thing that I love about being a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer is the variety!  There are so many amazing locations here and there are always great options for photos.  Wedding photography and engagement sessions are such a dream in this amazing location.

Hopefully you’re already seeing that my style is very different from every other Bay Area wedding photographer you’ve looked at! Like the homepage of my website says, “I’m not cookie-cutter,” and I’m really not. I approach each wedding day in a unique way so that I can capture photographs that tell a story and document the day. Your wedding is unique, you are unique, and your photos should be too. I try to keep fresh eyes and a creative perspective so that I can capture stunning images that don’t fit into a mold, images I haven’t shot before. If that appeals to you, read on. If that sounds terrible and you want a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer that does the same images at every single wedding, then I’m definitely not the one for you, and I’m quite ok saying that.

Congratulations!  First of all, you’re probably engaged so that congrats is well deserved, but also, you made it to the third text box!  I’m impressed.  Here’s where it gets real. I live in Eugene, OR and split time between the Bay Area and Oregon.  With family in Pacifica and Daly City it just makes a lot of sense to expand my market here and have more reasons to come visit.  Oregon has a very short wedding season and not the best weather much of the year, but it does have a very low cost of living!  I mean, how many people do you know in the Bay Area with a $1200 mortgage on a 3 bedroom with almost a half acre of property in town?!  Because of this, you get much cheaper prices than if I lived in the Bay Area!  Like weddings starting at only $2000 even though I have almost 500 weddings experience behind the camera.  You won’t find that in the Bay Area either.  I also offer zero travel fees for all Bay Area wedding photography or anything within California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.  I love it here on the West Coast and want to explore anywhere you’ll hire me to go!

All of my clients get full resolution digital images via digital download and my goal is to overwhelm you with the number of images I send your way.  We’re talking 1000+ images on most occasions.  That’s a lot, and I really don’t want to limit it.  If an image tells part of the story of your day, it’s included for you.  I edit everything for color, contrast, tonality, and general aesthetic feel and then I take my favorites and create some black and whites along with some film tones.  I give you printing rights so you can make prints and post the pictures online.  Get those likes on Instagram, go ahead, I dare you.  I also make it a point to get the photos edited and sent your way within 4 weeks, that’s crazy fast. Seriously, I challenge you to find another Bay Area wedding photographer that even gives you half of that with pricing starting at only $2000…

I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2002, fresh out of high school, and I currently shoot 35-40 weddings per year.  That’s hundreds upon hundreds of weddings that have been in front of my camera!  Yet, I’m only in my mid-thirties so my style is current and fresh, at least I like to think so for the most part!  My pricing is very straightforward and reasonable!  Please contact me for more info.

Ok, whew, you made it to the end.  Thanks for hanging in there, I’m so proud of you!  Now it’s time to do your research and start stalking me on the interwebs.  I want to make it easy for you so here’s your official game-plan with fancy little numbers to keep you on task…

1. Browse my website.
2. Follow my Instagram.
3. See what past clients have to say about me at WeddingWire and TheKnot.

If you have any other questions, need anything, want to inquire about a date, need a pricing sheet, or just want to throw a compliment (or insult I guess) my way head on over to the contact page and get ahold of me there.  Or feel free to call or text me at (541) 505-2781.

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to offer wedding videography in our packages too!  We have an amazing videographer named Chris who has started shooting video with us in the Bay Area.  Currently we’re offering one package and it’s only $3000 for 8hrs of videography, a 5+ minute highlight film, full video of the ceremony with audio, and you get it all on a usb drive so you can watch it, share it, have it forever.  That’s a smokin’ deal for the area and Chris is really really talented!  I’m also happy to recommend some Bay Area videographers I’ve worked with in the past that do great work and are easy to shoot along with.  Here’s a little sample from Chris below.

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