i am not cookie-cutter in any way - i'm different

fine art photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on capturing emotion and beauty in every shot
I studied fine art photography and photojournalism in college at the University of Oregon. As a Eugene Oregon wedding photographer, I’ve taken the best of both worlds and mashed them together into a photography style I claim as my own; a style that sets my wedding photography apart. I want to tell a story with every image, to capture emotion in every photo, to document all wedding details no matter how minute – and I want it all to look beautiful. When everything is done right, pictures have to be worth more than a thousand words.

i do not do things by the book - i focus on you

breaking photography rules and mixing it up to create some memorable images
No matter what type of photo session I shoot, my goal is to create lasting and timeless pictures for you.  I keep things as loosely-based as possible so we can work together to create meaningful photos.  I’m happy to go with the flow or organize every detail.  I’m big into planning ahead and then having fun while being flexible during the photo shoot.

i will not make things hard for you - i keep it simple

no tricks, no gimmicks, just honest hard work from an artist (that's pretty rare these days)
All of my photography clients receive edited, high resolution digital images with printing rights delivered via digital download or on a usb drive. Make prints, make photo books, share photos online, and please Instagram the heck out of my work! The whole point of these photos is for you to use them, so I won’t make you pay money later to enjoy these pictures like some other photographers do. I think that’s crazy talk.

i am not stingy with my work - i want to overwhelm

ever heard of the expression "too many photos"? i haven't either
My clients receive a lot of photos.  Anything that tells part of the story is included.  I never limit the number of photos I give to a client and I often keep photos in the mix that other wedding and portrait photographers would delete.  Maybe something that makes me laugh; or maybe a moment that didn’t work out perfectly – stuff like that.  My wedding photography clients usually get 700-1100 images, engagement 100-250, and portrait 100-250.  I also include edited color versions of all photos as well as some additional black & whites or film tones of my favorite images from the shoot.  So, if you’re looking for a Eugene Oregon wedding photographer, or anywhere else for that matter, please contact me to check your date and get some pricing info.

Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer

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